Spiderman Dance

That awkward moment when you think something is a Saturday Night Live sketch but it’s actually a real movie scene…


That’s a Safe Lunch…

Is it just me, or do these reusable sandwich wrappers remind you of sanitary pads?


At least you know your lunch is safe in the office fridge. If someone steals a chilled sanitary pad, chances are you’ve got a really weird colleague and should be frightened for your life.

Bonus jingle video:



Realising Lyrics

Ever sang a song without realising the words you’re actually saying out loud?

I just did that with Blue’s ‘Too Close’ (I was having a 90s/00s boyband flashback day, don’t judge me):

Baby when we’re grinding
I get so excited
Ooh, how I like it
I try but I can’t fight it
Oh, your dancing real close
Plus real real slow
You’re making it hard for me

I don’t know which is worse: catching yourself singing about an accidental dancefloor erection, or the music industry for making it into a music video:


Undeniable Talent

If you haven’t seen this video yet, watch it. The next time you worry about looking like a weirdo, just remember there’s someone out there who practiced this over and over then thought ‘I’m going to film this and put it to music’.

I’m strangely impressed.


That’ll Sell It

Is it just me, or does this model look really uncomfortable?


She looks like she’s getting some air up in there.


Baby Busking

Have you ever read something so completely unexpected that you sit silently staring at the screen? That just happened to me reading this news story from a few days ago: Woman gives birth outside Birmingham Primark.

Giving birth outside isn’t that shocking, and I’m not exactly surprised it happened near a Primark. It was the statement from an ‘eye witness’ that had me stunned.

“Everyone was crowding the woman and after about five minutes everyone was clapping,” she said. “Everyone was throwing money at her. She got about £300 to £400.”

Just… what? People were throwing money at a woman who just gave birth on a pavement? What?! It’s not like the pavement screamed sanitary in the first place. Let’s throw some well handled money in there!

And since when did flashing a placenta equate to busking?! Unless she strummed the opening bars to Wonderwall with it, there’s no reason to throw money at her. It’s all a bit bizarre.


The Perfect Etsy Gift

Looking for the perfect birthday gift for someone who’s into their ‘vintage finds’? Etsy has you covered with this, eh, rather interesting antique necklace:


It’s a beauty, yes? By beauty, I mean ‘creepy, creepy, creepy weird thing that would cause me to freak out knowing it was in or anywhere near my house’.

Just look at the detail. Look at it.


I’m not going to lie – I’m a little worried I’ve even looked at the pictures. That necklace is definitely the start of a real life horror movie.


Just found this picture of me as a baby. Look at the size of that face. I’ve yet to grow into those cheeks.


Downing Street has rebuffed calls for Larry to resign as No 10’s cat after reports a mouse appeared at a recent prime ministerial dinner.

Is this a joke? I can’t tell. If it isn’t, the world has become a sad, sad place. BBC News: Downing Street cat Larry backed despite No 10 mice

File this under things I scream ‘WHAT?!?’ at: Your Favorite Kanye West Tweet – Hand-stitched and Framed – Limited Edition”


Funniest thing I’ve heard for ages! Serious WTF moment. Random introduction to an episode of Panorama last week.


Aaaah! Mind. Blown. (via @PaddyDuke)



Apple Disabling iPhone Camera At Gigs

Recording your favourite band at a concert or festival could soon be a thing of the past, if Apple gets its way.

Patent plans filed by the corporation in late 2009 have come to light, showing plans to automatically shut off iPhone cameras if they are held aloft.

The Californian company’s plans reveal that infra-red sensors would detect when a person is filming and would disable the camera.

Apple Plans to Ban iPhones at Gigs

Really? That’s unbelievable. I’ve bought the iPhone fair and square, I should be given the freedom to do what I like with it.

Christ, if I want to stick it up my bum and ring it I bloody well will. Will Apple have a sensor for that?


And the award for the most random use of a pear in a promotional photo goes to…


Creepy doll?!? Etsy has the weird, wonderful, mental and serial-killer collection all under one roof. Beat THAT, Toys R Us!


It’s spider season. This thing was the width of a pint glass.