One of my favourite movie scenes. Forget about Trump and Brexit, just watch this instead.


Apple Disabling iPhone Camera At Gigs

Recording your favourite band at a concert or festival could soon be a thing of the past, if Apple gets its way.

Patent plans filed by the corporation in late 2009 have come to light, showing plans to automatically shut off iPhone cameras if they are held aloft.

The Californian company’s plans reveal that infra-red sensors would detect when a person is filming and would disable the camera.

Apple Plans to Ban iPhones at Gigs

Really? That’s unbelievable. I’ve bought the iPhone fair and square, I should be given the freedom to do what I like with it.

Christ, if I want to stick it up my bum and ring it I bloody well will. Will Apple have a sensor for that?

Video Screens in Magazines

BBC NEWS | Technology | Video screens hit paper magazines

Isn’t this a step backwards and a bit redundant? Entertainment Weekly have published an edition of their magazine with the addition of a small video screen. The screen, when triggered by the opening of a cardboard page, will show adverts and trailers.

Not to stomp on their parade, but I thought we were moving towards using one device for everything? This is like buying a book that has a Kindle attached to it which will only work for that book. There’s no point. It’s one or the other, magazine or electronic.

And it’s not exactly going to be environmentally friendly. Thousands upon thousands of cardboard pages, TV screens, batteries and processing for every edition, in every magazine? It really is a step backwards.