First Dress: Bodice Mockup

IĀ readĀ that it isĀ helpful to make aĀ toileĀ (also referred to as a muslin)Ā beforeĀ starting yourĀ actual garment. You essentially createĀ aĀ mockup in cheap fabric before you commit to the good stuff. It’s supposed to reduce waste ofĀ your preciousĀ fabric and, if you do it right, give you aĀ better fit.

Some peopleĀ rely on finishedĀ measurementsĀ suppliedĀ withĀ aĀ pattern and skip the toile altogether, but IĀ decided to take the extra step. I really struggle with standard bust measurements in shops, so I liked the idea of being able to see how it fit before I made the commitment.

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