First Dress: Bodice Mockup

read that it is helpful to make a toile (also referred to as a muslin) before starting your actual garment. You essentially create a mockup in cheap fabric before you commit to the good stuff. It’s supposed to reduce waste of your precious fabric and, if you do it right, give you a better fit.

Some people rely on finished measurements supplied with a pattern and skip the toile altogether, but I decided to take the extra step. I really struggle with standard bust measurements in shops, so I liked the idea of being able to see how it fit before I made the commitment.

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First Dress: The Fabric

I could have been a responsible adult and used something from the many piles of fabric in my house, but I just couldn’t help myself getting something new. It’s my first dress, after all! If you can’t treat yourself to new fabric under those circumstances…

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First Dress: Pattern Pieces

I’ve never used a predefined pattern before, especially one with so many different markings. Thankfully, the McCalls pattern (variation D) was quite straightforward and had just six pieces to cut out.

Neither you or I could have predicted a time-lapse video of me dumbly tracing shapes would exist, but here it is. I’d say sorry, but I had to sit through it!

First Dress Project: Pattern Pieces from Narelle Gibbons on Vimeo.

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New Hobby Alert

My hobby is essentially collecting hobbies. In the last two years I’ve done handbag design, watercolour painting, sewing, wooden furniture, crochet, singing, knitting, baking, needlepoint, short stories…. I’ve lost count.

I think it stems from my obsession with being handy if a Zombie Apocalypse comes. Web development isn’t exactly going to be the most sought after skill, unless you’re talking Matrix style Apocalypse. I could roll programming and knitting into one really cool offering there. I’d fix so many holey jumpers in Zion, the rave scene would look like a GAP advert.

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