Spiderman Dance

That awkward moment when you think something is a Saturday Night Live sketch but it’s actually a real movie scene…


Film Review: Drinking Buddies

At the weekend I watched Drinking Buddies, a film starting Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson and Anna Kendrick.

It was an ‘indie’ film.

As a general rule I don’t mind ‘indie’ films. However, calling a¬†film ‘indie’ these days is no longer about a good movie making it against the odds.¬†It’s now a blanket word that marketing departments attach to a film to excuse rambling¬†dialogue and a vague plot. It’s meant to be seen as a quirky piece, but just comes across as unplanned and a bit shit.

I spent most of the film thinking things like “it would be amazing if the lead guy contracted tetanus and died right now”, or “maybe there will be a gas leak explosion and all the main characters will die”! Neither of those things happened.

In fact, nothing happened. Every now and again they drank unidentified beer out of plastic cups, but that’s about the extent of¬†the excitement.

This was definitely a modern day¬†‘indie’¬†film. A boring, flatline plot with messy dialogue and characters I wouldn’t put out¬†if they were on fire.

I want my 90 minutes back.