Sad Affleck

You’ve probably seen this beauty already, but give it another go. This is why I love the internet.


Aah, Paul Masson!

There are few YouTube videos that I could watch again and again, but this is a true gem.

Orson Welles must have sampled the product a few times before shooting this advert for Paul Masson.


Ludovico Einaudi – Notebook

My new favourite song (spotify link). Don’t have spotify? Here it is on Amazon. The title song, Notebook, was on the advert for Any Human Heart and I absolutely loved it, and listening to the full album on Spotify – I think I’m in love!

Ludovico Einaudi – Notebook

I went to Bravissimo on Friday to get properly measured for a bra. I felt like I wasn’t wearing the right size and I’ve never been so shocked to be right in my life. The woman who measured me was brilliant, put me right at ease (it’s a bit embarassing standing there with your top off and someone going ‘hmm, yes, ok, your size is…’). She was great. Called my size in about 5 seconds.

I had been wearing the wrong bra size for years. She brought me my correct size: I went down two back sizes and up a scary amount in cup size. It’s ridiculous! I’ve been wandering the streets of Scotland in what can only be described as a loose blanket over my top half.

I would urge everyone to get properly measured. You may think you’re the right size but just go to be sure. It’s completely free and you don’t need to buy a bra if you don’t want to. Honestly, I can’t believe the difference. I would never have thought to question my old size if my friend hadn’t recommended Bravissimo. My posture has changed, I’ve finally got an actual body shape other than ‘boob’, and I just feel much better, more confident.