New Hobby Alert

My hobby is essentially collecting hobbies. In the last two years I’ve done handbag design, watercolour painting, sewing, wooden furniture, crochet, singing, knitting, baking, needlepoint, short stories…. I’ve lost count.

I think it stems from my obsession with being handy if a Zombie Apocalypse comes. Web development isn’t exactly going to be the most sought after skill, unless you’re talking Matrix style Apocalypse. I could roll programming and knitting into one really cool offering there. I’d fix so many holey jumpers in Zion, the rave scene would look like a GAP advert.

My brain likes to learn new things but my bank balance immediately recoils in horror. When I discover something new I buy everything that goes along with it. EVERYTHING. I have fourteen different sized crochet hooks. Who needs that many?!

When I decided to pick up a new hobby this month, my first thought was Pottery. Mostly due to the mesmerising Instagram videos from Eric Landon (Tortus_Copenhagen). The man makes some seriously impressive ceramics. However, within the hour I found myself wandering around the house trying to find the right space to install the studio kiln – and I hadn’t even touched a piece of clay.

Thanks to the surreal kiln installation episode, I decided against trying pottery at home. I realised I should do something instead with the massive piles of fabric and thread that I hoarded during my handbag design phase.

I also have a very lonely sewing machine. It has only been used a handful of times since I moved last year. In the last few months I’ve only done some mending of jeans, a roman blind and a wonky pillow my dog immediately claimed as his own.

Let’s be honest, it was only a matter of time before my attention turned to dressmaking anyway. After thorough research and some bizarrely aggressive Pinterest trawling (which lead to my lamely named ‘Sew Far Sew Good‘ board), I decided to pick out a commercial pattern and give it a go.

There are a LOT of patterns out there. I didn’t realise how many different options there are, never mind the number of people sewing them. There’s an entire world I knew nothing about. Let’s not even mention the amount of beautiful vintage Vogue patterns that are available on Etsy. That’s a whole other obsession waiting to happen.

I decided to go simple(ish) to begin with and ordered McCalls Misses’ Empire Waist Dresses (M7116).


Pattern D is a wrap style empire waist dress with cute little gathered sleeves. It has just enough additional skills (gathers, side zip, pleats) to keep me on my toes. It does say ‘easy’ on the pattern, but I’ll reserve my judgement until after it’s done.

First step: get the pattern pieces traced and cut out. I’ll take it from there and see how it goes.

I plan on blogging about the process, so be warned! This may turn into another one of those craft blogs where the blogger is a total sewing bore.

At least, until I find my next hobby… ooh, candle making!

NO. No. Dressmaking it is.


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