Industrial Loft Renovation

I am absolutely in love with this industrial loft style renovation of a home in Portland. The whole look is stunning. I would take every piece of furniture.

Loft Living: An Energy-Efficient Oasis in Portland, Oregon


Bullet Journal

I’m sure (*I hope) I’m not alone in my obsession with good old fashioned note-taking. My job is centered around the web and everything digital, but I can’t bring myself to convert completely.

I replaced books with a Kindle years ago (which halved my suitcase weight), but I just can’t give up notebooks. There’s something about taking physical notes that I love.

I use the Bullet Journal approach. It is essentially bullet points with a key to make it easy to see what needs attention.

The approach is based on common sense, but it’s good to see it there in black and white. I never considered adding an index, breaking notes up by month, or simply numbering pages, but it makes so much sense when you think about it.

The first time you are surprised by a question in a meeting and can flip to the answer immediately, you’ll be thankful you bothered!

Give Bullet Journal a read and get yourself organised!

Burnistoun’s Voice Recognition Elevator in Scotland

I’ll never tire of this sketch from Burnistoun. Aylayven!


Regency Love: iPhone App

I was looking for a new mobile game to try out on the iPhone 6 a few days ago, and came across Regency Love on the app store top charts.

Experience life in the British Regency as a young gentlewoman, where you must maintain proper decorum, sharpen your wits, and find a suitable husband!

Now this is something I can play! Set aside the zombies and flying poultry: give me a ball and an enquiry as to the health of my family, and I’m in game heaven!

It’s very much a ‘choose your own adventure’ style game, a welcome flashback to my childhood. Essentially, you are given a set of answers to choose from when conversing with other characters. These answers set you off on your personal path to romance and finding a ‘suitable husband’.

I’ll admit, there were points where I had butterflies, worried my chosen answer would rob me of that elusive engagement. I got very carried away as it is pretty immersive for an Austen fan like me!


I don’t want to spoil things, because part of the experience is in discovering the game yourself. There is very little in the way of signposting or help, but as with all well designed games, you get it eventually.

The artwork is beautiful and fits the era perfectly. I even find some of the gentlemen attractive, though I don’t know if it’s testament to the artist or a horrible indictment on my grip on reality.

The only niggle I have were the limited questions that became repetitive over time, but that really is no problem when you’re playing – you just know the answers quicker!

The app is currently listed at £2.99 on the app store. Considering the amount of effort that go into creating the app, that’s a bargain.



The British Plug

I must admit I didn’t think I would find myself watching a video about a plug, never mind enjoy it, but there you go. I present to you a video about the design of the British Plug. It’s actually fascinating…

If that tickled your fancy, Tom Scott does a lot more


Pet Halloween Costume

This will be Basil’s first Halloween, and I need to get him a great costume. There are so many options to choose from, but after seeing this video the decision has been made. Hilarious.

I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing at him running around in this.


Realising Lyrics

Ever sang a song without realising the words you’re actually saying out loud?

I just did that with Blue’s ‘Too Close’ (I was having a 90s/00s boyband flashback day, don’t judge me):

Baby when we’re grinding
I get so excited
Ooh, how I like it
I try but I can’t fight it
Oh, your dancing real close
Plus real real slow
You’re making it hard for me

I don’t know which is worse: catching yourself singing about an accidental dancefloor erection, or the music industry for making it into a music video: