Oh my god, my husband makes that face!

I just wish I could be Jennifer Garner in 13 going on 30 right now. I love him! Look at that face! LOOK AT IT!



Joey: The big questions is, does he like you? If he doesn’t like you, then it’s all a moo point.

Rachel: A moo-point?

Joey: Yeah. It’s like a cow’s opinion. It’s Moo.

Joey: FINE! Take their advice! No one ever listens to me! When the package is this pretty, no one care’s what’s inside!






Want to wear a corset for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Why would anyone want to do that eh? Well I TOTALLY agree… unfortunately, even when I’m not wearing anything at all, not a scrap, I’m still, in a way, wearing one. But it’s all in my mind… literally. 

One short circuit in my brain, one misfire and the muscles in my lower ribs and around my waist have decided to cinch themselves. No outside interference required…


This is called the “MS Hug”

It’s a symptom of multiple sclerosis where one feels like there is a girdle, corset or band around your waist or chest, or both and it”s a tight one. It literally feels like you’re wearing a corset ALL THE TIME.

I’m not a doctor so forgive me if some of the details are simplistic or I don’t use the correct terminology, but I CAN tell you when it feels like and how it behaves, as it were.

The muscles around my middle seem to have seized up, tight and hard, like they are made of hard board. Constricting and well, the corset metaphor really says it all.

Even touching my torso continues this illusion because there’s a numbness (not total lack of sensation) that accompanies it and it means that when I touch the skin of my middle it actually feels like I’m touching it through very thick and tough fabric. 

MS is an invisible disease, and for many it comes with an invisible corset.

Idk man I love my corset and wear it some days 23 hours so maybe not really the best metaphor for a disease?

I think the point is that with MS there is no corset involved. It’s just the sensation.

You like that sensation, and you can control it. She can’t. 

I get the point but its still not the best metaphor and makes corsets sound like a cage and the first two sentences very clearly make anyone who wants to be corseted all day sound insane.

I’m just going to leave this here… 

along with this…