Are we allowed hedgehogs as pets? I want one. There was a wild one living in our garden last year. I called him Marv.


A murderer, serving a life sentence, has gone missing from an open prison while on home leave, police have said.

Murderer. Life sentence. Open Prison. Home Leave.

What? The police didn’t see that one coming? Here’s a thought. Maybe leave the mentalist in the actual prison? Where he can’t escape?

You want to go home and visit your folks, pal? THEN DON’T MURDER PEOPLE.


I stumbled across a blog entry today about Trypophobia (fear of clusters).

I have to say that I’m really glad I found it (though reading about it makes me feel a bit sick). I find certain things to be absolutely, over-the-top disgusting and distressing. The ‘lotus breast’ picture (someone photoshopped a picture of a breast with a lotus flower – only google it if you have to) has haunted me for years. I’m sweating just now even thinking about it. Honeycombs, bath sponges, mushrooms with folds – I can’t even continue the list. Anything that’s clustered or has lots of holes, I start sweating all over, my hairs stand on end and I get really distressed. And I don’t really know why.

I’ve managed to cope with it over the years (you learn to hide the crazy from everyone) but it’s good to know that others have this. Also, if you think you’ve got Trypophobia, don’t google Trypophobia. It just brings up PICTURES OF CLUSTERS!

More research is needed into this, though I doubt anything can be done for sufferers!