Leona Lewis’s House

It would appear Leona Lewis’s house is as beige as her personality.

Leona Lewis’s House


Looks like somebody’s going to be in trouble after Virgin Atlantic passengers were greeted with a four-letter wakeup call Sunday.

“Get up, you c***s,” read the message, sent by airplane crew and likely intended for two sleeping stewards, reports The Sun.

The crew members thought they were sending a private message to the TV screens of empty seats where the stewards were having a nap. Instead, the message was sent to all passengers in premium economy on the flight from Orlando to Glasgow.

Apple Disabling iPhone Camera At Gigs

Recording your favourite band at a concert or festival could soon be a thing of the past, if Apple gets its way.

Patent plans filed by the corporation in late 2009 have come to light, showing plans to automatically shut off iPhone cameras if they are held aloft.

The Californian company’s plans reveal that infra-red sensors would detect when a person is filming and would disable the camera.

Apple Plans to Ban iPhones at Gigs

Really? That’s unbelievable. I’ve bought the iPhone fair and square, I should be given the freedom to do what I like with it.

Christ, if I want to stick it up my bum and ring it I bloody well will. Will Apple have a sensor for that?