A team of experts take over a country manor house to play host to wedding ceremonies for 32 couples – with every moment captured on camera. There’s one condition: once the bride and groom have had a chat about what their dream wedding would entail, they won’t get to see a single thing until they arrive at the venue on their wedding day. From tears of joy to tears of panic – Wedding House will show every emotion in these loved-up couples’ rollercoaster experience.


Hey Anxious, As your theme is custom, I assume you have a decent knowledge of the Tumblr setup. At what point do I decide how many posts are made before a new page? It’s currently set to 10, but I need to change it to 11. I’m currently using a custom theme but editing to suit my needs. Any help would be appreciated!  cheers,

Hello Rotuy! You can edit the amount of posts shown by going into customize > advanced > post count.

There are moments in life where I think ‘how do single people survive’? Emptying mashed potato into a limp binbag is one of them. HOW DO I KEEP IT OPEN?!?!?