The talented Spanish side went on to lose but there was no vitriol, Eyres recalls: “It was amazing how lightly they took it. This was a working class, blue collar bar. Can you imagine a pub full of builders in England when the team get knocked out – it would be a tragedy. My impression is that in Spain it just doesn’t matter so much.”

BBC News – Hysterical, deluded and thoroughly English

I read this article about English fans and the depression that overcomes the country when they’re knocked out of the World Cup. The quote above really annoyed me. It’s not that it doesn’t matter as much to Spain, it’s that Spain has more class in defeat. The English approach of ‘we deserve to win, not because we’re the best, but because we’re English!’ is always going to bring shock and tears when they’re knocked out of the tournament at some stage.

Saying it doesn’t matter as much to other countries because they don’t take a tantrum and sit for four years with a petted lip is wrong. This doesn’t apply to every England fan, but it certainly does to most of the ones I’m hearing from in the news and on the radio.


Cats That Look Like Hitler!

We have a cat that prowls our back garden every night, setting off all the security lights before settling down to stare in through the bedroom door. It looks a bit like hitler and likes to chase away the ginger cat which sometimes comes into the garden. In celebration of the fact, here’s a handy link to some pictures of cats that look like hitler.

Cats That Look Like Hitler!