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[Ms Pratt, chief executive of the National Bullying Helpline] told the BBC: “Over recent months we have had several inquiries from staff within Gordon Brown’s office. Some have downloaded information; some have actually called our helpline directly and I have spoken to staff in his office.”

I think this is unbelievably unprofessional of the National Bullying Helpline. Phoning for advice and help should be confidential – her ‘outing’ of staff asking for advice has just done the opposite of what she’s claiming to achieve. I imagine, rather than promoting the helpline and bringing issues to the public’s attention, she has just stopped many people from using the service. I wouldn’t call the service now that I know it’s not confidential and can be released to the media at any time.

It takes me back to high school – when people were being bullied, they were encouraged to speak to a teacher. Subsequently, most teachers would ‘out’ the person (not on purpose, hopefully). It would then make matters worse.

What this woman, Ms Pratt, has done is undermine the service of the National Bullying Helpline.

BBC News – Gordon Brown staff ‘contacted bullying helpline’

Buzz Kill

Most people know that I use Twitter, and as a result expect me to be on the bandwagon for any ‘new media’ developments because I’m ‘into that sort of thing’. It’s been with thinly veiled disgust that they’ve asked me if I’ve started using Google Buzz.

To be honest I’m not really bothered. It’s just a replica of a service provided by Twitter, but this time it’s email contacts who read what I’ve had for lunch. I’ve put time and effort into Twitter and it works for me.

Twitter and Buzz kick up the dust on the uncertainty of this ‘cyber sharing’ culture. How much sharing is too much sharing? Won’t this open people up to stalking? Should people care if you felt wary of an apple core sitting on a railing this morning (which is true – it just didn’t look right sitting there)?

People became venomous when asking me why I bothered with it. “I just don’t see the point of it, it’s stupid. Why post updates on your life? Just live it instead.’

I understand where they’re coming from. They don’t get it and that’s fine. People forget that you’re allowed not to ‘get’ something. Things aren’t built to serve every single person’s needs in the entire world (except Disneyland, obviously). Twitter is for a specific group and I’m part of that.

For his Christmas, I bought my boyfriend a ‘finger’ speed peeler for the kitchen. He went crazy for it, kept trying to get me involved in a discussion about how quick it was to deal with carrots. To me it’s just another piece of plastic sitting in the cutlery drawer. I didn’t get it. But I didn’t slag it off, or make him feel uncomfortable about enjoying it.

Twitter is for people like me – self absorbed and a tiny bit narcissistic. Just because someone doesn’t understand it doesn’t make it useless to the rest of us. I enjoy sharing my life with people. One of the features to Twitter is that you can unfollow someone if you don’t like their updates. And even better – you don’t even have to use Twitter in the first place if you don’t like it.

I won’t be using Buzz, but I appreciate the tool it has the potential to be. Maybe I should have told them this answer, instead of my frosty ‘no, I don’t jump on every fad thanks’. I guess it’s easier to write it down.

Brandchannel | Amazon, Touchco Combine Forces To Create Superkindle

I wasn’t particularly moved by the announcement of the Apple iPad, but I’ve always had an interest in the kindle. I go through a ridiculous amount of books on amazon. It will be interesting to see the new offering from amazon and touchco.

Brandchannel | Amazon, Touchco Combine Forces To Create Superkindle