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vai avanti


Classic Movies

There are so many classic films that I have never seen. I wasn’t really allowed to watch films as a kid, so I missed out on a fair bit. That’s probably why I love films so much as an adult. I’m working my way through them now and I’m really excited I get to discover them all for the first time. Imagine being able to watch E.T for the first time again? I still haven’t seen it.

I used to constantly get ‘OH MY GOD, YOU’VE NEVER SEEN *INSERT MOVIE HERE*?!?’. It got to the point I had to pretend that I’ve seen most of these films, bluffed my way through – who would believe that I’ve never seen E.T? I’ve seen clips, mostly on ‘greatest’ list shows, but never actually watched the films.

I only watched the original Star Wars films in 2008. I watched The Godfather, The Breakfast Club and Terminator last year. I watched Point Break on Sunday night.

I’ve never seen Scarface, Jaws, Casablanca, Taxi Driver, Groundhog Day, Dirty Harry, Singin’ in the Rain, Rebel Without a Cause, My Fair Lady, The Silence of the Lambs. The list goes on.

I love films, I’ve seen hundreds, but there are so many out there that just passed me by. Which would you suggest?


I watched the first episode of FlashForward last night. The idea behind it is intriguing and has a lot of potential to be a really good show. Fingers crossed it doesn’t end up like LOST, and gets… well, lost. It’s also a ‘one season show’. Let’s hope the producers know when to stop (I’m looking at you, 24…).

As an aside, Joseph Fiennes looks very, very, very good for 39. I’m in the mood to dig out my Shakespeare In Love DVD now…

Charlie Babbitt squeezed and pulled and hurt my neck in 1988.

I watched Rain Man for the first time last night. Dustin Hoffman was mesmerising, it’s no wonder he won an Oscar for his performance. In most films I see the actor playing a character, but in this I only saw Raymond Babbitt. I was totally sucked in. The ending was excellent. No crazy big out of character finish, just a calm goodbye with questions left unanswered. I absolutely loved it.

Killer Cabbie

A paranoid schizophrenic killer will not be allowed to study to become a black-cab driver following protests from taxi drivers. BBC NEWS | Killer removed from taxi course

I find it ridiculous that the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association would even consider allowing a murderer to drive a taxi. Surely there are standards? Before working with vulnerable people, you have to go through a Disclosure Check in Scotland. It checks your criminal record, any ‘lists’ you may be on, and other general information.

Driving a taxi brings you into contact with the general public, which will inevitably include vulnerable people.

I believe everyone should be given the opportunity to find work, and I commend the individual for seeking work instead of just sitting on the dole, but the job of taxi driver is not suitable for someone who has been found guilty of murder.

There is a trust issue. You’re placing your life in the hands of someone when you get into a taxi, not only through their driving the car, but your personal safety too.

How comfortable will people feel when they think a convicted murderer could be driving them home from the pub? This isn’t about his schizophrenia, or prejudice against people with mental health issues, it’s his track record for KILLING PEOPLE. I understand he’s done his time for murdering his wife, but he is still a convicted murderer and there has to be standards.

If someone had been convicted of fraud and on release applied for a job as an accountant, would that be acceptable? The same applies here. The job should be relevant to the person and their history. Surely he can do another job? Or am I being too harsh here?

I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.

When I heard Liam Neeson utter those words, I just knew Taken would become one of my favourites.

Moron Week

I’ve been hacked off by a fair few people this week and it’s only Wednesday. Here’s a few examples of the ‘types’ I’ve encountered. I swear, if I were PM, there would be an island somewhere with this lot huddled together, shivering from the cold, crying themselves to sleep.

The ones who open paint testers and put them back after smearing some on a bit of paper. I’ve been disappointed so many times, looking for a specific tester only to find that it’s been opened, put back and not even sealed properly. How sad and penny pinching do you have to be to steal from a £1 tester?

These are individuals who eat on their way around the supermarket. If you’re so starving, buy something and eat it before you do the rest of your shopping. I see them putting an empty packet on a conveyor belt with a smug smile, as if to say ‘I’m bending the rules, yeah’! The ones who hide the empty wrappers are a different level of moron entirely. It’s as if they think digesting cancels out the stealing.

People who cough with their mouth open, spraying everything and everyone. This is especially hellish when you’re on a train, in the fruit and veg aisle at the supermarket, or walking past them at that key moment. Thanks, dick. I’ve always wanted to know what the inside of your nose tastes like.

The drivers who think it’s acceptable to weave in and out of traffic (indicator optional) and cut in at the top of the traffic queue. Yeah, sure, why not? It’s not as if you and your kind are the ones causing the tailback in the first place, is it? Sure, you’re not the one causing a pause in the flow of traffic by forcing your BMW into gap you’ve created for yourself using ignorance and aggression. Not at all. Be my guest. I enjoy creating space for you. Would you like me to bend over, too?

Ms Price, who models under the name Jordan, said she had no plans to make a formal complaint and would “absolutely never” name the celebrity.

I don’t know what’s more insulting, the fact that Jordan is using rape as a way to keep her name in the papers, or that the papers keep reporting it. Honestly, give us a break. If she was raped she should speak to the police about it, not a room full of reporters.

I wish she would bugger off to another country and annoy them. I don’t care about her and Andre, it’s forced down your throat. As for the people who wear ‘team peter’ and ‘team katie’ t-shirts? Wow. Morons of the highest order.

BBC NEWS | Price not quizzed over rape claim