First hangover in the new place? Check. Keeping neurofen in cookie monster? Check.


Not if you’re going to dress it up at Hallowe’en.

Toni, after I asked if we could get a dog. He knows me too well.

Borders Trip

After work on a Thursday I quite often find myself in Borders on Buchanan St. I can’t help myself, I love the place. Nothing better than wandering through the aisles looking for a good book to jump out at you. The price of a book, however, is shocking. No wonder this country is illiterate – who can afford to expand their mind?!?

Not that I’m expanding my mind, really. I’m into ‘paranormal romance’, ‘regency romance’ and ‘thriller’ genres. My book collection doesn’t contain many reference books. Don’t judge me…

I bought three books today, £7.99 each. I normally read a book in one or two days so I’m always back for more within a week. I may make a trip three times a month, so three books, three times a month = £71.91. For nine books. Just over seventy quid. So expensive.

Why not go to a library? I hear you thinking it. I know it would make more sense to pop down to my local library. However, after my last experience with a borrowed library book, I won’t be back in a hurry. I found a slice of mouldy cheddar cheese between the pages of a Virginia Andrews novel. It wasn’t pretty. I had to explain why my book smelled of cheese when I took it back the next day – I’m still certain the guy thought I had hygiene issues.

Apart from the Cheddargate scandal, I don’t think the library will stock many of the books I read.

Me: “Hi, do you have the latest Christine Feehan in yet?”

Librarian: “Who?”

Me: “Christine Feehan? The author? I’m looking for the latest novel in her Dark Series?”

Librarian: “No, sorry. We don’t have it – would you like me to order it in?”

Me: “Yes please. Can you order me ‘Dark Possession’? I haven’t read that one yet.”

Librarian: “What’s it about?”

Me: “Eh? Erm. It’s about a vampire who’s not really a vampire but a Carpathian, who is a goodie but could turn into a baddie if he doesn’t find his lifemate, who is normally a really strong willed human female. In most of the stories the man takes the woman away from everyone and makes her his – there’s a fair bit of sex in it and it’s all a bit mental.”

Librarian: “Oh.”

I think I’ll stick to the anonimity and clean, cheese free experience of Borders. Even if it is bloody expensive.