Toni is trying on what seems like 500 pairs of jeans that all look the same, while I wait outside memorising this tie rack. I’m nowhere near this bad when it’s my turn to shop.


Since watching Vicky Cristina Barcelona I’ve had the urge to buy a large canvas and go crazy with some paint. It wasn’t a great film (I’m not a big Woody Allen fan), but it certainly got me wishing I had more art supplies in my flat. I’m not sure Toni would take kindly to me turning the second bedroom into an art studio, especially since I’m pretty messy at the best of times. Maybe I could do it in secret…

On March 9, 2009, during a protest at the University of Chicago, [Westboro Baptist Church members] were met by more than 100 students waving signs bearing mocking slogans such as “God hates the new Facebook” and “God hates dial-up.” Nearby scantily clad fraternity brothers danced to gay anthems.

Haha! Excellent. I heard the WBC were planning to picket Natasha Richardson’s funeral, and did a Wikipedia on the WBC to see if there was any more news. This little excerpt cheered me up. What a disgusting set of people – I wish their members were locked in a 24/7 gay bar wearing nothing but leather and ballgags.

Westboro Baptist Church – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Why I’m Not Allowed on IM

Narelle: i like Bon Jovi
Anthony: rubbish
Narelle: “and aaaaaahhh will love yoooou baaabbbyyy aaaaaaallllwwaaaaaayyyyyyys”
Narelle: wait, is that Bryan Adams?
Narelle: same thing
Anthony: no
Narelle: who is it?
Narelle: is it Bon Jobi
Narelle: Jovi?
Narelle: when it’s that guy that looks like him
Narelle: and it’s not actually him
Narelle: and he’s a painter?
Narelle: and that woman is there
Narelle: and she drops her messages
Anthony: shoosh
Narelle: groceries
Narelle: shoosh?!
Narelle: is it tho?
Narelle: i can’t tell the difference
Anthony: what are you on about?
Narelle: that song
Anthony: the painter isnae him
Narelle: i will love you baby, always
Anthony: its an actor
Narelle: is that bon jovi tho
Narelle: or bryan adams
Anthony: and it is a bon jovi dsong
Narelle: oh right
Narelle: and that guy isn’t him
Narelle: but it looks like him
Anthony: yeah
Anthony: sorry
Anthony: busy
Narelle: did they do that on purpose?
Narelle: ok
Narelle: sorry
Narelle: me too

Yesterday I managed to get a dog hair caught in my left eye. On the way home it started to swell up, and by the time I reached the front door of the flat it had pretty much closed over and I couldn’t see out of it.

I’ve got a really bad allergy to dogs and cats that has gotten worse as I’ve grown older. The funny thing is, I’ve had dog hair in my eye before. I had to go to Casualty and have a pint of saline solution washed through my eye socket drips at a time. I knew there wasn’t much to do except remove the dog hair and wash my eye out.

So I’m sitting in the flat on my last day off looking like Quasimodo. I really need the swelling to have gone down by tomorrow, or I’ll die of embarassment being on the train to work.

It doesn’t help that Toni keeps whispering “The Bells! The Bells!” and “She gave me water…”.