I’m never using the iPhone for driving directions again. Our usual route to Ambleside is a few motorways, this route took us over a mountain road called ‘The Struggle’, a windy, 33% incline, pea soup fog road. I’m lucky to be alive. Had to change my pants.


I thought this was a trick at first, like the stuff you get where a witch pops out and screams at you, but it’s actually for real. Honestly just a great use of sound, freaks you out.

You have to use your headphones and close your eyes (which is why I was skeptical at first), but it’s great.

Virtual Barber Shop (Audio…use headphones, close ur eyes) (via LovelyVirus)

TV Plus

Yesterday I downloaded the TV Plus app for my iPhone. I discovered it via Neil Oughton, who very kindly tweeted about it a few days ago.

It’s fantastic. If you’ve got Sky+ and, like me, would forget to put clothes on in the morning if it weren’t so cold outside, this is for you. I forget to record things all the time, and I never get a chance to properly browse through the TV guide.

This app is fantastic, easy to use and really does work. At only £2.99 it’s pretty cheap too.

An illiterate teenager who was convicted of stabbing a boy to death at a house party in Manchester has been given a life sentence. Shane Boyd, 16, will serve at least 11 years for murdering Conor Black in an argument over a games console.

Eh, life sentence? The boy will be released from prison when he’s 27 – how is that a life sentence? If you’re going to give him 11 years, say you’re giving him 11 years. Call it what it is. It is most certainly NOT a life sentence.

BBC NEWS | England | Manchester | Xbox killer given life sentence