Ridiculous. Why is Emmy Rossum advertising coffee? And such a horrendous advert. Embarassing.


I’m having a confusing Monday. I tried to take a picture of my phone using my phone and it took me a good 30 seconds to process the problem. I’ve drawn it instead. All to show that my phone (Sony Ericsson C902) is broken, and I’m sending it back to o2 today.

My 2009 Holiday

I’m looking for recommendations for my summer holiday next year.

Two people, ten days (maybe 14 if there’s enough to do). Any time between July-October. Sunny preferably, but something different could be interesting.

No real budget, but don’t fancy paying through the nose. I’d like to have a social life on the run-up, no throwing away my entire wage every month on the installments!

I’m so completely undecided on every part of the thing, including going on holiday in the first place! Any recommendations or warnings welcome.

Boycotting IE6

I came across this site, free-the-web.com, today. It’s not a concept that’s new to me, I hear it all the time from web designers. They hate Internet Explorer with such venom.

Some sites have ‘get firefox’ links, or they have a ‘this site is not supported by IE’ splash pages, redirects to browse happy or similar. There isn’t much love out there for the IE6 browser.

Is it wrong that I think it’s all a bit unnecessary?

I know the browser doesn’t support standard CSS and it’s generally a bit of a mess, but these tantrums from web developers worldwide is getting a bit gimmicky. I bet some don’t even know why they don’t like the browser, just that they’re meant to and sound good doing it.

A good web developer/designer will (after many sleepless nights and bloody typing fingers) find a way to create a working, supportable site for IE6.

It’s not professional to stick your fingers in your ears and shout ‘la-la-la-la-la’. It’s a mistake to refuse to acknowledge the 20% using internet explorer (and the relative new internet users who will continue to as long as it’s pre-installed with Windows).

‘Boycotting’ IE6 will not stop people from using the browser, it will simply dissuade a visitor from returning.