Night view, not a good picture though! Had dinner by candlelight a few times, terribly romantic.


Swearing removed from kids’ book

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Swearing removed from kids’ book

After three, yes three, complaints about a word in a children’s book, publishers have changed the offending word (by one letter) to ‘twit’.

Three parents thought it was unacceptable for their children to read.

Here’s a thought: don’t buy it for your kids then!

Jay Z has retired from hip-hop and has decided to invest in an ice-cream van.

Unfortunately, on his first day of trading the supplier did not arrive with the Flakes.

He’s got 99 problems.

No details of the nationalities of the passengers on board have yet been released.

It’s insulting to think that people need a ‘hook’ to feel for someone or something. We don’t seem to care until someone indicates how many ‘Brits’ were involved. It will be interesting to see how long the media keep the Madrid plane crash in the public eye with no British people involved.


What is the point to the GCSE angle of these stories?

GCSE girl dies in truck collision

Father collects dead son’s grades

Sand tunnel teenager’s 10 GCSEs

The deaths of these young people are truly saddening and shocking, but I fail to see the relevance of GCSE results as part of the story. I feel as if the BBC are trying to make it seem as if these deaths are even sadder because they achieved good marks. Would the death of the teenager who died in the sand tunnel be any less painful and shocking if he failed one of his exams? Or would the girl who died in a crash not be as important if she was on her way to ice skating instead?